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Senior Infants & 1st Class school tour

WOW – Walk on Wednesday

WOW – Walk on Wednesday

The children of Knock NS took part in the WOW event today, Walk On Wednesday. Children were encouraged to walk or partly walk to school today.

Junior Infants and The Haven

Junior Infants and The Haven class recently enjoyed a trip to Claremorris to Mc Mahon Park. The children loved this park and had a lovely walk around the lake. They also enjoyed feeding the ducks, geese and goslings. They also had the opportunity to enjoy their lunch outside in the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.

Operation Transformation – 10 @ 10

Junior Infants and The Haven Class enjoyed a trip to Claremorris Athletic Track and Mc Mahon Park

Ms. Sarsfields and Ms. Boyles classes enjoyed a trip to Mc Mahon Park where they fed the ducks and enjoyed a walk around the lake. The children then went to Claremorris Athletic Track and took part in different athletic disciplines including Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump and The Relay. Great fun was had by all:-)

TV3 Visits Knock NS on Green and Red Day

Junior Infants Summer School Tour

Ms. Sarsfiled’s class went to Claremorris on their School Tour. They visited the Garda Station, they had playtime in Pots of Fun and also went for a walk in Mc Mahon Park, where they cooled down with ice-lollies. The final part of the tour was a trip to The Playground. A fun day was had by all.:-)

Knock NS Wins the Kenny Folliard Cup

Congratulations to Ms Coyle and all the boys and girls who took part in the Kenny Folliard Cup today.

May in the Infant Room

We had great fun this month and learnt so much. We explored items that float and sink. We went on a walk around the village and learnt about all the different types of transport vehicles. We made our own vehicles using construction materials. We took part in a Letter and Sound Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Coyle’s class.This was so much fun looking for different sounds and letters in the environment. We learnt about Weight in Maths. We picked daisies in our groups out on the yard and we weighed them using a balance scale.
Ms. Sarsfield kindly treated us to some ice- lollies to cool us down in this warm weather.

Easter Egg Hunt