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Knock NS Wins the Kenny Folliard Cup

Congratulations to Ms Coyle and all the boys and girls who took part in the Kenny Folliard Cup today.

May in the Infant Room

We had great fun this month and learnt so much. We explored items that float and sink. We went on a walk around the village and learnt about all the different types of transport vehicles. We made our own vehicles using construction materials. We took part in a Letter and Sound Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Coyle’s class.This was so much fun looking for different sounds and letters in the environment. We learnt about Weight in Maths. We picked daisies in our groups out on the yard and we weighed them using a balance scale.
Ms. Sarsfield kindly treated us to some ice- lollies to cool us down in this warm weather.

Easter Egg Hunt

Table Tennis Champion

Congratulations to Thomas Joyce who recently won the U13 National Table Tennis title. Well done Thomas.



Athletics at Claremorris Track

Junior and Senior Infants went on the bus to Claremorris Track to take part in an athletics session.


We were lucky to have Michelle Sarsfield working with us in the lead up to Christmas. Each class had the opportunity to explore different types of dance. We held a whole school performance on Michelle’s final day and we even got the chance to see her dance!

Athletics – 2nd & 3rd Class


We had a fantastic Hallowe’en. We held a sponsored Hallowe’en walk and raised EUR2,000 for our school. We also enjoyed pumpkin carving, ducking and other Hallowe’en treats.

World Cup

Well done to all the children who participated in our World Cup tournament. Sincere thank you to Ms Coyle and Ms Horkan for organising and facilitating the event.

Sports Week

We had a fantastic time during Sports Week. One of the highlights was the day that Robbie Hennelly and members of the Mayo team visited our school. Thank you to Peter Burke for organising the visit.

Sincere thank you to Seán and Lolita for sponsoring new football kits for our boys’ and girls’ football teams.