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Valentine’s Day

Pancakes and Chocolate Cake

Hedgehog Visit from Horkans Petworld

Junior and Senior Infants and The Haven thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Horkans Petworld. They loved meeting the hedgehogs, Sonic and Spike. Sonic was 5 years old and Spike was 6 months old. We saw them getting fed yummy worms. We really loved the visit.

Junior Infant and The Haven School Tour

Junior Infants and The Haven class recently enjoyed their school tour to Westport. The children enjoyed the journey on the bus from Knock to Claremorris, the train from Claremorris to Westport and then the children enjoyed playtime in The Wild West. We had a great time and so much fun.

Visit from The Order of Malta

The Order of Malta visited Junior Infants and The Haven recently. We really enjoyed the visit. Thanks for visiting us.

Junior Infants and The Haven

Junior Infants and The Haven class recently enjoyed a trip to Claremorris to Mc Mahon Park. The children loved this park and had a lovely walk around the lake. They also enjoyed feeding the ducks, geese and goslings. They also had the opportunity to enjoy their lunch outside in the beautiful weather we are having at the moment.

Down on the Farm

Junior Infants learnt about all the different animals that live on the farm. They learnt about The Life Cycle of the Chick. They also made some farm animal crafts. The children also had the opportunity to grow their own cress seeds and runner beans and they watched them grow throughout the weeks.

Farmer Visit to Junior Infants and The Haven

Two local farmers visited Junior Infants and The Haven class today. One farmer brought in his sheep and her four baby lambs, that were born last night. We were allowed to feed the hungry baby lambs their bottles. Another local farmer drove in his tractor and we all had a turn to sit in the driving seat. It was very big!!! We had such a fun time:-)
We also went on a spring walk and saw rabbits and their baby bunnies. Lots of signs of spring around Knock.

Pirates and Under the Sea

The theme in the Junior Infant room for February was Pirates and Under the Sea. The children learnt about pirates and the different types of creatures that live under the sea. The children enjoyed investigating what items float and sink in water, what materials attract to a magnet and they also had great fun making their own creations based on pirates and creatures under the sea using playdoh, sand and construction bricks. The children also made many different arts and crafts items.

Samba Drumming- Junior Infants and The Haven

Junior Infants and The Haven enjoyed a Samba Drumming Workshop. The children really enjoyed this workshop and experienced playing different types of drums and instruments.