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Feeling Festive

Is it too early? No, it’s never too early. Check out our Winter Scene window display in Second Class. Lovely work.

First Class Science Experiments

First Class were very busy investigating & experimenting this week, as we celebrated Science Week 2020.

We discovered a rainbow of colours as we dissolved a solid into a liquid state.

We investigated the importance of using soap when washing our hands. We were amazed to see how much the germs disike soap!

We also explored the power of forces & energy as we made rockets & created balloon rockets. We watched in amazement as they whizzed through the air.

We all worked really hard at creating our very own STEM structures, using only marshmallows & spaghetti.

We really had a lot of fun this week

Science Week 2nd Class 2020

Science Week Apple 2nd Class

Check out our poor little apple. We have been observing it all week. It has been immersed in water, vinegar and lemon juice. Of course we also have a control to compare our results. We might keep it going for another week and see what happens, yuk!
Collage 2020-11-12 21_07_20

Science week experimenting in 3rd class!!

Lava lamp

We used oil, water, food colouring and a secret ingredient to make our lava lamps



Snow Fluff

Busy scientists in second class today working on our investigations for Science Week.
We used cornflour, shaving foam and food colouring to make Snow Fluff!
We had great fun. 20201110_15083620201110_150514

Halloween Silhouettes

Check out our amazing silhouettes. Well done second class! Great work. 20201016_161916

Fun in the Sun!

Second class enjoying some ‘en plein air’ drawing while the sun shines!









Covid 19

Parents please click on the Covid 19 section of our website to access up to date information regarding the re-opening of our school.

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First place in Ireland for Mathletics.

A massive congratulations to Ross in 5th and Maxwell in 4th class for coming 1st in Ireland yesterday and today in Mathletics, what a fantastic achievement boys. Ross and Maxwell have shown that hard work pays off. What a nice way to finish a successful year, we are all very proud of you.