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Graffiti Maths, 5th class showing off what they know about multiplication and division.

4th class presenting their Ancient Egypt projects.

5th class presenting their projects on Ancient Egypt.

Wall of fame narrative poetry from 4th and 5th. Well done!

4th and 5th class investigating materials around the classroom that are translucent, transparent and opaque.

Ugly animals science workshop

Well done boys! Stars of the week.

Maria Walsh MEP

We had a wonderful day last Friday. Maria Walsh visited every class in our school and spent over an hour with the senior classes answering their questions about her role as an MEP and the work of the European Parliament.


Futsal 2019 runners up. What a display of football boys, can’t wait to see what these boys can do in the future!

Futsal winners 2019. Congratulations girls, great team effort!

Futsal winners 2019.