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Pirates and Under the Sea

The theme in the Junior Infant room for February was Pirates and Under the Sea. The children learnt about pirates and the different types of creatures that live under the sea. The children enjoyed investigating what items float and sink in water, what materials attract to a magnet and they also had great fun making their own creations based on pirates and creatures under the sea using playdoh, sand and construction bricks. The children also made many different arts and crafts items.

January in Junior Infants

This month Junior Infants learnt about the Polar Region and Polar Animals. They made beautiful Polar Arts and Crafts.
They also enjoyed playing in the Aistear role play area ‘The Toy Shop’. They learnt about old and new toys and also learnt that you have to push and pull some toys to make them work/move.

Field Trip to Local Shop

2nd & 3rd Class went on a field trip to a local shop.  They were very busy working in their groups. They had lots of questions to research and really enjoyed their visit!

2nd & 3rd Class went on a field trip to a local shop. They were very busy working in their groups. They had lots of questions to research and really enjoyed their visit!

Christmas Knock NS

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November in the Junior Infant Room

Junior Infants explored the topic of food and shopping during this month. In the classroom there was a role play supermarket area set up and the children thoroughly enjoyed doing their shopping each morning. The children created their own supermarkets using a range of construction bricks and lego. They also made different foods using playdoh. The children also had fun in the sand area where they explored food items and the different food containers that can be filled using the sand. The children made apple and potato prints using paint and also enjoyed exploring their sense of taste by tasting lots of different foods. Finally the children visited the local supermarket, Heneghan’s Costcutters, where the shop owner, Ray, showed and explained to the children the different areas in the shop. Thanks Ray and Yvonne for the yummy treats.

2nd & 3rd celebrate National Tree Day

Summer Fun in the Infant Room

Ms. Sarsfield’s Junior and Senior Infants were busy during the month of June. They learnt about all the different jungle animals, the Aistear area was ‘The Vets’, and the children also made their own jungle animals using playdoh and construction materials.

May in the Infant Room

We had great fun this month and learnt so much. We explored items that float and sink. We went on a walk around the village and learnt about all the different types of transport vehicles. We made our own vehicles using construction materials. We took part in a Letter and Sound Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Coyle’s class.This was so much fun looking for different sounds and letters in the environment. We learnt about Weight in Maths. We picked daisies in our groups out on the yard and we weighed them using a balance scale.
Ms. Sarsfield kindly treated us to some ice- lollies to cool us down in this warm weather.

April Activities in the Infant Room

We had a very busy month in the Infant Room. The children enjoyed the story of The Three Little Pigs. They learnt about all the different kinds of houses and even made their own three houses for the pigs using straw, wood and bricks.
The children created chalk drawings and drew their own houses using 2D shapes.
The children also visited the local church where Fr. Patrick gave them a tour.
The children enjoyed exploring Capacity in Maths and also made their own musical instruments.