Active School

4-Week Active Movement Challenge – 07/02/2022

All classes are completing an active movement challenge. We have committed to taking a movement break every day for 4 weeks. The movements include dance, walking, running and exercises. 

Junior and Senior infants enjoying their movement breaks.
First and Second class doing their walk and exercises during our 4 week Active Challenge.
3rd class played dodgeball and danced on their movement breaks.
4th class enjoyed dancing and running for their movement breaks.
5th class measured lengths outside during one of their movement breaks. They have also built up to running for 5 minutes, without stopping during this challenge!

Active Lines – 17/01/2022

When we line up after break, we are doing on-the-spot exercises like squats, lunges, jumping jacks and high knees, before returning to the classroom.

Santa Dash – 22/12/2021

On the last day of school before Christmas break, all senior classes did a walk around Knock Village. We wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed the active break from the classroom!


Witches Walk – 22/10/2021

Junior and Senior Infants were a scary sight!
6th class walked through the village
1st and 2nd class walked the laneway, showing off their scary costumes!
3rd class
4th class
5th class

Tennis lessons: September – October 2021

Janis taught all classes tennis lessons for a 6-week period. We learned lots of skills and techniques and enjoyed the lessons too!