Agreed Report

A Board of Management meeting was held on Tuesday, 13th April. The following is the agreed report:

  1. The Oil Remediation Work is now complete. The oil leak caused considerable damage both inside and outside the school building. The support room and staff room have been refurbished and are back in operation. The contaminated soil has been removed from outside the building and the affected area has been made good.
  2. Over the lockdown period the Department of Education gave approval for the building work to go to tender. This stage is complete. The Department has now instructed our design team to proceed to the next stage. It is hoped that work will commence before/during the summer months.
  3. The Board commended the staff, parents and children for their efforts implementing and adhering to the additional Covid 19 safety measures.  
  4. There are a number of ongoing and upcoming initiatives
    • Green School – the school is currently in the process of renewing our Green Flag. We will undertake the Global Citizenship Litter and Waste Theme over the coming year.
    • Active School – we are applying for our first Active School Flag.
    • Junior Entrepreneur Project – children in 6th class will take part in the Junior Entrepreneur Project this year