First Class Science Experiments

First Class were very busy investigating & experimenting this week, as we celebrated Science Week 2020.

We discovered a rainbow of colours as we dissolved a solid into a liquid state.

We investigated the importance of using soap when washing our hands. We were amazed to see how much the germs disike soap!

We also explored the power of forces & energy as we made rockets & created balloon rockets. We watched in amazement as they whizzed through the air.

We all worked really hard at creating our very own STEM structures, using only marshmallows & spaghetti.

We really had a lot of fun this week

Science Week Senior Infants & First Class

Senior Infants & First Class had great fun learning all about circuits. We created a human circuit within our classroom. We discovered that if a person lets go, the circuit is broken & the fuse won’t light up. They become the circuit breaker. We had lots of fun experimenting with circuits & making our fuse light up.

Hallowe’en Walk

On Friday 25th October, First Class & Senior Infants had great fun getting all dressed up to go on our Hallowe’en walk around the village. Thanks to everyone for your kind & generous sponsorship.

Maths week in 1st Class & Senior Infants

First Class & Senior Infants were very busy during maths week. We explored 2D shapes & created some spooky shape monsters. We also played number games on the whiteboard, laptops & played snakes & ladders board games. We had a lot of fun using our ‘maths eyes’ during maths week.

Exploring Autumn Colours

Senior Infants & First Class were very busy exploring all the beautiful colours of autumn.

Inspired by the poem ‘Duilleoga Deasa’ we used cotton buds & paint to create beautiful trees in an autumn landscape.

We also learned about how different animals, such as the native red squirrel, prepare during autumn for the coming winter season.

We then created beautiful pictures of the squirrel using a template, wax crayons, crepe paper & pva glue.

We really enjoyed shredding & sticking the crepe paper.









Jiving Juniors

Senior Infants & First Class had a wonderful time learning how to jive and waltz. Our favourite dance was to ‘The Hucklebuck’.
Watch out Michael Flatley, we have some new dancers in town!