Second class sowing seeds

We’ve been enjoying the lovely weather the past few days and felt inspired to sow some seeds. We sowed beetroot, spinach, radish and peas! We’re excited to watch them grow.

Estimate with 2nd class

Can you help us estimate how many coloured match sticks are in this tub?

The answer is 345

  • To make it even harder can you estimate how many of each colour there are?
    Green 38
    Blue 40
    Purple 93
    Yellow 57
    Red 44
    Orange 73

Feeling Festive

Is it too early? No, it’s never too early. Check out our Winter Scene window display in Second Class. Lovely work.

Science Week Apple 2nd Class

Check out our poor little apple. We have been observing it all week. It has been immersed in water, vinegar and lemon juice. Of course we also have a control to compare our results. We might keep it going for another week and see what happens, yuk!
Collage 2020-11-12 21_07_20