3rd Class exploring lines and angles

3rd class explored vertical, horizontal and parallel lines, right angles, obtuse and acute angles by creating animals/creatures using lollipop sticks and matchsticks.






Junior Infants

Ms. Sarsfield’s Junior Infants have been very busy during the months of September and October. Have a look at some of the fun activities the children took part in. Enjoy:-)

Resources for the Aistear Programme



In order to implement the Aistear curriculum fully in our school and to ensure the children benefit as much as possible, we need resources. The good news is that many of the resources we need are things that you may have at home and no longer want. The teachers have compiled a list of some items that they need to deliver the Aistear curriculum over the coming months.. Your help is greatly appreciated and essential to the successful implementation of the Aistear curriculum in the school.
Please let us know if you will need the resources back or if you are donating them to the school.

Items required include
-toy mini figures( e.g. lego men, miniature figures)
-toy miniature animals
-toy houses/buildings (e.g. dolls house, farm sets)
-miniature cars, vehicles etc
-car and town mats
-puppets( finger and hand puppets)
– blocks and lego
-unwanted microphone (toy or real)
-real household equipment, clean and in good condition but electrical items do not need to be working )pots, pans, jugs, cameras, toaster, kettle)
-toy doctor set
-dress up costumes
-dolls and dolls clothes, barbies etc
-play tea sets
-plastic food
-play money
– handbags and purses
-toy musical instruments

These items can be brought into Ms. Sarsfield or Ms. Coyles rooms.

Kind regards
Breege Coyle and Tanya Sarsfield.

May in the Infant Room

We had great fun this month and learnt so much. We explored items that float and sink. We went on a walk around the village and learnt about all the different types of transport vehicles. We made our own vehicles using construction materials. We took part in a Letter and Sound Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Coyle’s class.This was so much fun looking for different sounds and letters in the environment. We learnt about Weight in Maths. We picked daisies in our groups out on the yard and we weighed them using a balance scale.
Ms. Sarsfield kindly treated us to some ice- lollies to cool us down in this warm weather.