Freshtoday School Lunches

Message from Freshtoday Lunch Providers:
At Easter time, Freshtoday will launch and introduce the required new nutritional menu that has been advised and formulated by Healthy Eating Ireland and the Department.
We have decided to implement and put in place the new menu from Easter onwards rather than wait ’til September as that month is usually an exceptionally busy one for all schools.
How it will work!
Freshtoday to close the website down from 10th March to 16th March 2018 inclusive.
Freshtoday will default pupils to new healthy products
-Website to reopen on 17th March 2018.
Freshtoday will issue new Usernames and Passwords on Monday 19th March 2018
-Parents/Students to go online and customise the new lunch order for when they start back after Easter.
Freshtoday are pleased to confirm that water will continue to be funded by the Department.
Looking forward to serving your school with our groundbreaking new menu and thanking you again for your continued cooperation and support.
Assuring you our best of attention at all times.