Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Dear Parents,

As part of the Junior Entrepreneur Programme, 5th and 6th Class students are launching a milkshake/smoothie business.

It is our aim to sell milkshakes/smoothies throughout the school.

This Friday will be a trial run we are offering the students from 4th-6th class the opportunity to purchase shakes. There will be a choice of two shakes available; an oreo milkshake or a strawberry smoothie. Students must order and pay for their shake in advance. Failure to order and pay in advance will result in NO shakes on Β Friday.

For this week only, orders and payments will be made on Wednesday. Orders and payments will be taken on Tuesday from then on. The cost of the shakes is €1.50. We plan to run this business for a period of 6 weeks. We hope you support our enterprise and enjoy our product. If you have any queries in relation to ingredients please contact us.

Junior Entrepreneur Committee