Papal Visit

Dear Parent,

I hope that you are well and enjoying the summer break. I wish to provide you with some important information regarding the school’s involvement with the upcoming Papal visit on Sunday 26th August.

At present, it is envisaged that children will line up along the route that the Pope will take within the Shrine grounds. The proposed format is outlined below:

  1. Parents will bring their children through security and continue to their assigned seats. It is envisaged that parents and children will be standing/seated in an area for Knock Parish. Within this area there will be a designated section for Knock NS – this will be in front of the Confessional Chapel and directly along the Pope’s route. I have been advised that this area will be cordoned off and will be solely for the use of the children and staff of Knock NS.
  1. Children will remain with their parents until approximately 8.20am. Parents will be asked to bring their child/children to an assigned point between 8.20 – 8.50am and school staff will take the children into their care at this time. It is important to adhere to this time period as I understand that there will be little or no movement after 9am. The children will remain with school staff until after the Pope passes by or immediately after his departure.

Parents will be contacted closer to the time with details of a specific location, within the Shrine grounds, to hand their children over to staff, and with final arrangements regarding return of children to parents.

  1. All children taking part will be asked to wear their school uniform. Infant children can wear their school tracksuit. Hi-Vis vests have been purchased with the school name and mobile phone number on them. The school will be open next Wednesday, 22nd August from 11am – 1pm, for parents to collect a Hi-Vis vest for their child/children. The vest can be worn over their uniform on the day while awaiting the Pope’s arrival. Children will remove the vests before the Pope travels around the Shrine grounds.

Although this is a Parish event, and the school will be taking part, your child’s participation is optional. You will receive a further e mail closer to the date with additional information.

The school mobile number will be in use on the day, the number is 086 – 7769805.