Set Down Area/Parking

Once again, we find the need to remind parents that the set down area MUST be kept clear at all times for the safety of all children and other pedestrians. We strongly advise that the NO PARKING signs are strictly adhered at all times please.  It is an area meant only for vehicles to pull up for a minute or two whilst collecting or dropping off children.  If you will be in the set down area for more than a minute or two, then you must wait in the car park provided.  Vehicles MUST NOT be parked in the set down area; drivers must not leave their vehicle at any time.  We would be obliged if parents could relay this information to all family members, friends, childminders etc who drop off and collect children from the school.

Please also be reminded that the school lane must be kept clear at all times; this is an area for staff parking only and access to the private farm/land.