Update Events September 2014

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome all our new and existing pupils for the coming year.  Please see below for some new information and forthcoming events and dates for your diaries.

 Head lice

We have been made aware of a wide scale outbreak of head lice in schools throughout the region. We kindly ask that all children are treated as soon as possible in order to reduce/eliminate the risk of spreading head lice. Using tea tree oil may also help to minimise the risk of infection. Girls are asked to tie their hair back. Please refer to the school website for very important information from the HSE.


Drumming Workshop

Children from all classes will be attending a drumming workshop in the school on Friday 26th September.  We would like to thank the Parents’ Association who have kindly offered to pay for the cost of running this workshop.

 Parent Information Meetings

There will be parent information meetings on Thursday 11th September for Ms Horkan’s class at  6.30pm and Ms Coyne’s class at 7.30pm.  It is very important that parents of children from these classes attend these meetings.

 Homework Club

Letters were sent home recently to all 2nd to 6th classes about the possibility of holding a homework club.  Unfortunately we did not get much of a response; therefore the deadline for replying has been extended to Friday 12th September.  Should there not be enough responses by that date; the homework club will not go ahead.

Drop off and Collection

In the interest of the safety of all pupils in the school, parents should use the car park adjacent to the school or the set down area at the main gates, to drop off and collect their children.  Any parents who decide to park elsewhere MUST come to the school to drop off or collect their children.  This will decrease the possibility of any child having an accident crossing roads to meet their parents.

Set Down Area

Please note that this area is for what it says, dropping off or quickly collecting children.  We kindly ask drivers please DO NOT park in this area.  Please drop of your child(ren) and move off immediately.  If you have to leave your car to enter the school, please use the car park provided.  Parking in this area causes unnecessary congestion and is unfair to drivers wishing to use this area correctly.

 Knock Museum Tour

On Monday 15th September, 4th to 6th classes will embark on a field trip which will include a walking tour of Knock and a visit to Knock museum.


Drama classes for 1st to 6th class pupils will begin on Tuesday 16th September and will run for 12 weeks in total until 9th December.  The cost is €2 per child per week or €24 for the course.  Again, due to continual budgetary constraints on the school, pupils will only be allowed to attend when they have paid.

Class Photographs

The photographers will be in the school on Thursday 11th September, with the proofs being issued about mid-October.  There is no obligation to anyone for purchasing photographs.

Pupil Insurance

Application forms to join the School Group Policy have gone out to all pupils.  Those wishing to participate in this scheme are asked to return the completed forms and payment by Tuesday 16th September please.


Dancing classes will resume on Wednesday 17th September at 2-3pm for Infants and 3-4pm for 1st to 6th class.  The cost is €3 per child per class, paid directly to the dancing teacher.  Consent forms will be sent out shortly.

Supplementary Resources and Mathletics

Thank you to everyone who has paid for these resources.  We would ask those who have yet to pay, to please do so by Friday 26th September.  The costs are €20 per child for Supplementary Resources and €8 per child from 1st to 6th class for Mathletics.

Comenius Project

Mrs Coyne and Ms Horkan will travel to Latvia in the coming weeks to meet our partner schools as part of our Celebrating Europe project.

As always, we would invite you all to refer to the school website, www.knockns.ie, for news and regular updates from the school, including pictures, videos etc from our various events.


Knock National School